What’s in a Baby’s name?

When growing up, it is more likely that – as a young woman – you will get attracted to names from different societies and social circles that are associated with

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Gina’s Birth StoryI was expecting my first baby and I started getting some cramp like pains in the office one morning. At first, I thought that it was the usual discomfort of birth but

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The Baby Banda Multipurpose mats –3 in one tasks for Baby’s comfort The Baby Banda Fitted –cot sheets for natural sleep comfort The Baby Banda maternity briefs. For unique comfort after birth The Baby Banda LPillowPregnancy Pillow, modelled for maximum sleeping comfort
• Material: Soft flannel sheet• Base cover : Water resistant base• Length:1.2m • Width : 0.75m• 100% Kenyan Made • Material: 100% Cotton or flannel sheet fabric• Colors: several• Sizes: for mattress size 24×48 inches & 28×52 inches• 100% Kenyan Made • Material :100% polypropylene• Packing: 7 per packet• Sizes: 10/12 and 14/16 UK size • Filling :100% soft polyester fiber fill• Inner cover : Tetron (plain)• Outer Cover : Tetron plain OR Cotton Print•100%Kenyan Made
The durable and flexible multi-purpose mats:Baby’s need the best available products for them to have maximum comfort, not to mention those that fit their budgets too. The Baby Banda multipurpose mats are affordable
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The Baby Banda Fitted Cot Sheets need no lullabies for baby to sleep:Good baby sleep is important for growth. Mums may not be aware that placing a warm baby onto cold sheets can cause discomfort,
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The maternity briefs are Uniqueand soft to use after birth:After birth, it’s always busy down there for mums. Lochia” refers to normal vaginal discharge during the postpartum period.
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Unique comfort with L-Shaped full length, stuffed sleeping pillow. Pregnancy can bring with it many forms of sleep discomfort such as back pain, fetal movement and constant running to the
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