Baby Banda Newsletter – October 2014

October 2014 Edition
Breastfeeding in publicBreast feeding or nursing a baby is the solution to mums’ problems to a healthy and happy baby. Breastfeeding during the first six months of life is recommended for optimal growth, development and health of a child.It should continue up to two years or even more as you introduce baby to other foods later.




The Baby Banda Pregnancy and Baby Fair 2014 hit its climax on the 12th of October after a three day treat to all mums from the 10th of October. The fair was attended by mums and daddy’s as well as children. This year’s fair had in particular put into emphasis the importance of preparing for a healthy baby as well as a healthy household at large. The theme this year “More than a baby fair” told it all.


Dorcas’ experience at the Maternity Beauty Pageant

Dorcas Amagove Ndesi, is married to Rogers Meroka Ongwae and they are expecting their first born. She had a chance to talk to Beauty Bee Company home of Baby Banda and share her story and experience.

How did you learn about Baby Banda?

learnt about baby Banda through a friend called Pauline Were…


Featured Products

Baby Banda Nursing Cover
*Now also available in flannel sheet material.


• Easy to wear

• Light material

• Weaning; feeding apron

• Colors; different colors

• Manufactured; Kenyan Made

The unique Baby Banda Nursing Cover

The Baby Banda Nursing cover is a unique cover that is used by mums to cover themselves while breastfeeding. The nursing cover is light and does not irritate babies breathing as it reduces stuffiness and is highly hygienic.

The nursing cover gives mum the freedom to breastfeed from any point and anywhere in the public.When the baby is being weaned, the cover is a good cover as a feeding apron indoors and outdoors.


The Baby Banda L Pillow
*Now available in 100% cotton fabric in different colours namely peach, light grey and dark cream fabrics


• Filling :100% soft polyesterfiberfill

• Height : 1.5

• Inner cover : Tetron (plain)

• Outer Cover : Cotton Print

• Manufactured : 100% Kenyan Made

Unique comfort with L-Shaped full length, stuffed sleeping pillow.

The Baby Banda L pillow is an excellent support for side sleeping, neck and back support. Its comfort is derived from the L shape that is modeled to create warmth, promote proper spinal alignment and muscles relaxation. Its soft stuffed filling is a comfort for blood circulation and instant sleeping. It also gives proportionality from head to toe while being used during sleep or at a lounging position.

The L pillow costumed for washing as its cover is made from cotton.


Facebook Questionnaire
To improve The Baby Banda Facebook page and make it more user friendly, interactive, educative and exciting, we would like to have your opinion, views & recommendations. Please answer the following questions your feedback is important to us.Click here to participate



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