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Twin Breastfeeding Pillows


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We now have available a breastfeeding pillow for twins. It is specially made to accommodate two babies on either side allowing a mother to breastfeed both at the same time. Special features include broad “pillow shoulders” that can carry the weight of the twins as well as a special back fastener to allow good fitting for the mother. Order now for this special pillow.
About the Baby Banda Breastfeeding pillow
The Baby Banda breastfeeding pillow sits on the mother’s waist and puts the baby at the correct height for breastfeeding. Use the Baby Banda Breastfeeding pillow and…
• Position your baby well during breastfeeding
• Reduce strain on your back
• Reduce strain on your hands
• Assist your baby learn how to sit and relax
All Baby Banda Breastfeeding pillows are made from 100% fibre and quality cotton materials.


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