There you are, watching your little angel on the playground, thinking how blessed you are to have him. All of a sudden, he draws back his dimpled little hand — and whacks another child squarely on the nose.

Shocking as it may seem to you (and to the other parents on the playground), aggression is a normal part of your child’s development. Primitive language skills, a fierce desire to become independent, and impulsiveness make kids this age prime candidates for getting physical. Some degree of hitting and biting is completely normal, because 2-year-olds are so focused on ‘me’ and ‘mine.

So while your 2-year-old’s behavior may embarrass and worry you — and it’s certainly not okay for him to hurt other kids — it doesn’t mean you’re raising a bully. By consistently letting your youngster know that aggressive behavior won’t cut it and showing him other ways to express his feelings, you can help him control himself and learn to get along with others.


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