Babies are born social creatures. At this age typically they playing next to another child (Parallel Play), but they’re also becoming more socially interactive, It’s therefore important to let your child engage with other kids as they will learn how to share-which is tricky at this age.

Modeling sharing and taking turns, pointing out when you share and take turns, and when others share and take turns, may help your child to learn these important social actions.
Much of his/her playtime will be spent imitating other people’s mannerisms and activities. Imitation and “pretend” are favorite games at this age. So as your little one puts his teddy to bed or feeds his doll, you may hear him/her use exactly the same words and tone of voice you use when telling him to go to sleep or eat his vegetables. No matter how he/she resists your instructions at other times, when he/she moves over into the parent role, he/she imitates you exactly.

These play activities help him/her learn what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes, and they serve as valuable rehearsals for future social encounters. They’ll also help you appreciate the importance of being a good role model, by demonstrating that children often do as we do, not as we say.


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