Task 1;  Brand and Business Questions
  1. Baby Banda products (for both Mum & Baby) are classified into four categories. Which are they?
            Ans: Pregnancy and after, Breastfeeding, Baby and toddler and Diaper bags
  2. I am part of the Baby Banda Baby & Toddler range, I help in burping the baby and catching spit up. Who I am?
            Ans: Baby Banda Burping cloth
  3. Which product has Baby Banda recently launched that gives an expectant mum additional support when sitted or lying down?
            Ans: Baby Banda Wedge pillow
  4. I am placed on the door to protect children from squeezing their little fingers between the doors. I also prevent doors from banging. Who am I?
            Ans: The Baby Banda Doorstopper
  5. Baby Banda’s Fitted cot sheets (cotton or flannel sheets) are available in two different sizes. Which are they? (tick the correct sizes below)
            Ans: 24X48 inches and 28X52 inches
  6. Name the three types of Baby Banda Breastfeeding (BF) Pillows that are available in the market.
            Ans: The Standard BF pillow, The Premium BF pillow and The Twin BF pillow
  7. I have often been called Mum’s best comfort when pregnant. I come as a full-body pillow and I am available in 3 exciting colours. What’s my name and what are my new colours?
            Ans:  L PILLOW: Peach, Dark Cream and Grey
  8. Name any four places that you easily purchase any of the Baby Banda products?
            Ans: Nakumatt outlets, Tuskys outlets, The Baby Shop, Naivas outlets and Uchumi Capital Centre
  9. Baby Banda products (for both Mum & Baby) are classified into four categories. Which are they?
           Ans: Baby Banda Baby Set
  10. What are the names of the two main educational forums that Baby Banda hosts in the country?
            Ans: Baby Banda Pregnancy and Baby fair and Baby Banda Motherhood 101 workshops
  11. Which of our website gives you opportunity to ask questions and learn from our experts PLUS gives you vital information about your journey into motherhood covering all areas on pregnancy, labour, birth, baby care, How to Tips and more?
            Ans: www.motherhood101.co.ke
  12. Name three tools you can find on our Motherhood101 website:
            Ans:Any of the following:
    a.) Baby Names
    b.) Birth Plan Tool
    c.) Complementary Feeding Guide
    d.) Due Date Calculator
    e.) Essential Baby Shopping List
    f.) Fertility Chart Tool
    g.) Hospital Bag Checklist
    h.) Ovulation Calendar Tool
  13. How do you distinguish a Baby Banda Product in the market place?    
            Ans: Use of product brochure and Use of Baby Banda Label
Task 2; Watching a Motherhood 101 Workshop video
  1. In which county was this Motherhood101 held in Kenya?
            Ans: Meru
  2. According to the gynecologist, which part of the foetus matures much later during pregnancy (almost to maturity period)?
            Ans: Lungs
  3. In which trimester does the formation of baby’s organs occur?   
            Ans: 1st trimester
  4. According to the doctor, how long should a mum carry her baby in her womb before giving birth i.e. to full term pregnancy? (in weeks)?
            Ans: 40 weeks  
  5. How many weeks do you add or subtract from the answer above in (4.A) for a safe period to delivery of the baby?
            Ans: 2 weeks
Task 3; Sharing our Motherhood101 website

               Ans: www.motherhood101.co.ke

Task 4; Puzzle playing





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